World News Stand does one of the most fascinating write-ups of Bald New World and Baldness


The World News Stand just did one of the most interesting write-ups about Bald New World, exploring not just the book, but baldness as a world phenomenon. I was intrigued by the data as in:

35 million men in America current suffer from hair loss, with nine out of 10 men placing it as their top concern as they begin to age. The scary part — the part that actually could make for decent apocalyptic writing — is that a man could lose up to half of his hair follicles before he even begins to notice it’s gone, studies suggest.

I think I mentioned in a previous post that some readers have reached out and told me how much they loved the idea of a world being bald because of the humiliation they suffered from the loss of hair. I was seriously moved because I understand that fear all too well. Bald New World isn’t just about hair loss though, but how that affects aspects of life outside of survival as in traditional apocalyptic fiction. That includes “love,” the economy, and of course, fashion. Read the full post as it’s really cool. Thanks World News Stand!

The literary world has had its fair share of frighteningly apocalyptic events. Masterworks like George Orwell’s 1984 touched on dystopian futurescapes, and more recent additions like Max Brooks’ recently filmed World War Z cemented our cultural obsessions with the idea of an end-of-the-world scenario brought on entirely on zombies. But what about a narrative that tackles the scary after-effects of a worldwide baldness epidemic?


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