Yahoo News features myself, Bald New World, and Murakami


Thrilled this morning to find Yahoo featured an article about Bald New World and myself. The title is interesting in that it focuses on my thoughts on Murakami. It is true, I still have not read him. I acknowledge he is probably one of the greatest writers around and will probably blow my mind when I do. Which is part of the reason why I’ve avoided him as I don’t want him to influence me too much, ha ha. I will get to him one day (I actually can’t wait as I’ve heard so many wonderful things), but I want to get through a few of the books I’m writing now first. But man, what an honor and what an incredible surprise. I almost thought it was an April Fool’s joke at first to see me featured on Yahoo, ha ha. From the article:

Already tipped for further success in 2014 as one of Buzzfeed’s 15 Highly Anticipated Books From (Mostly) Small Presses, and highlighted by Kollaboration in March as one of three Asian American authors on the rise, Liu’s debut novel “Bald New World” deals with a global epidemic of follicular proportions.

Cash-strapped American filmmaker Nick Guan stars with friend and movie making crony Larry Chao, whose family runs a prosperous wig factory in China.

But when Baldification hits the planet, the pair find themselves caught up in an sci-fi tinged international conspiracy, turning their penchant for adventure into a series of daring discoveries.

And the amazon link:


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