AWP 2014

Sorry I’ve been remiss in updating my blog. I’ve been exhausted after getting back from AWP 2014. For those who don’t know, AWP is the Association of Writers and Writing Programs. The panels were amazing, the book fair was awesome, but the best part had to be meeting many of the writers who I’d only known in the digital space. Getting to interact, discourse, and drink with my writer friends was incredible. There were many long nights talking literature, philosophy, gaming, the future of writing, and much more. It was amazing hearing voices from the people I’d only talked with via chat or email. I mean, I felt like I knew these people really well, even though it was the first time I met them in real life! ha ha. Coincidentally, Seattle had beautiful weather during that time and the seafood was pretty fantastic. I’ll write more later but just wanted to post some pictures of part of my AWP stash. So many good books, so many great authors to discover! Throughout the whole of AWP, I kept on wishing for a time stretcher so I could enjoy the moments even longer!



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