Bald New World ARCs arrive

I’m so thrilled that the print copies of Bald New World arrived. I was waiting all week for them, checking my mailbox every day, ha ha. It’s an incredible feeling being able to finally hold Bald New World in my hands. The printing turned out real nice and I’m very happy with my publisher who has not just been awesome to deal with, but very patient as I’ve fielded them with many questions. BNW has undergone many changes over the past two years. It started out as a book exploring a strange cult, then evolved into the idea of a catastrophe (in this case, the Baldification) and how it changes the lives of everyone on the planet. I wanted to stray away from apocalyptic fiction, not just because it’s overdone, but this was a story just as much about adaptation as it was baldness. Would life change that dramatically if everyone became bald? That’s the question I explore through much of the book, though that does take a step back to the central plot and the themes within as the narrative progresses.



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