“Brilliant First Issue” -ComicsVerse reviews Dr. 2


ComicsVerse has become one of my absolutely favorite podcasts. It’s not just about comics, but expands the discussion into myth, religion, and in this case, socioeconomics, race, and politics. They’re doing a series on street level crime fighters and the economic aspect of comic books, and I was thrilled to have Dr. 2 included in the discussion. In many ways, comic books have pushed the medium of story-telling in fascinating ways that would have been impossible via either traditional books or movies. Some great examples of that include much of Frank Miller’s work on Batman, Daredevil, and Sin City, as well as Alan Moore in Watchmen and Killing Joke, Neil Gaiman in his Sandman Series, and too many others to list here (okay, 100 Bullets, Walking Dead, Arkham Asylum, Battle Angel Alita, and so on). I love the insight and breadth of knowledge the hosts at ComicsVerse brings to the discussion, elevating it from just “fan” talk to something not just academic, but philosophical. They had a great series about origin stories and even talked about one of the most interesting Kurosawa Films, High and Low. Make sure to check them out and listen to their whole series! If you have any interest in story-telling, you will dig their podcast!



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