Manda-rae Reads A Lot Reviews Dr. 2 and does an awesome drawing of the doctor


Manda-rae Reads a Lot is one of the coolest book blogs I’ve come across. I love her reviews as they not only have a very unique perspective and voice, but they’re also hilariously witty in their own special way. Case in point, a review of Dr. 2 Manda-rae just published. While I really liked the review, it was her picture/drawing of Dr. 2 that really caught my attention. Even if in stick figure form, it was such a funny take on Dr. 2, I really loved it. A while back, Christopher Higgs wrote a great piece at HTMLGiant about reviews: “I introduced a network of ideas aimed at rethinking our approach to criticism by foregrounding observation over interpretation, and participation over judgment, by asking what a text does rather than what it means.” I thought this review was a great take on that, ha ha.

I’m on the tail end of my flu, though still feeling sick. Seeing this review made me real happy. Thanks very much Manda-rae!


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