“Is love, in fact, a neurological disorder paralyzing motion?” Tieryas Reviews Basal Ganglia by Matthew Revert at Electric Literature


Basal Ganglia = first writing by Matthew Revert I’ve read = “…a book that can be read in multiple ways—allegory, parable, or confession being just a few” = Book Review at Electric Literature = One of my favorite magazines/lit sites = Awesome editing by Michael J Seidlinger whose an equally amazing editor as he is a writer = Use of a poignant line from Iain M. Banks “Memories are interpretations, not truths” that I discussed with Joseph Michael Owens and Kyle Muntz as we did our Use of Weapons Review = “Unique narrative” that “projects the nuclei of brain cells onto the canvas of an ontological parturition. We’d like to think we’re watching a pregnancy gone awry until we realize our own basal ganglias are tingling and our bellies are swelling.” = powerful stuff = In other words, electric.




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