Talking with the man behind NES Game, Deadly Towers, Alan Weiss for Kotaku TAY


Guilty pleasures- one of my biggest was the retro NES game, Deadly Towers. It was one of the hardest games I played and I spent countless hours on it. That was in part because of its sprawling environment with serpentine dungeons and action-RPG elements that allowed you to power up Prince Myer as he destroyed the seven bells in the eponymous towers. It was one of the first games with an opening cutscene and a storyline that seemed to imply that a lot more was at stake. I always wanted to find out the people behind the game and tracked down the producer at Broderbund, Alan Weiss, who I interviewed for the Kotaku Blog and was featured on the main site. Turns out he also worked on Myst, Lode Runner, and a personal favorite, Secret of Evermore. Working on this was a very cool experience that I had a lot of fun writing and I learned a whole lot too, ha ha.

It was one of the hottest interviews on N4G and the official Amazon twitter feed picked up on the article too which was very cool. I included some screenshots below of my playthrough which I did in preparation for the interview:



dt01 dt02 dt03 dt04 dt05 dt06


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