Really cool preview of Dr. 2 at Comicosity


One of my favorite comic sites, Comicosity, did a very cool preview of Dr. 2 showing some of the art from the book! This scene is from a highway sequence that I wrote a while back. James and I originally decided to cut it, worried that it might distract from the investigation. However, after reading through the book again, we felt that something was missing between the murder scene and the trip to Honduras so we added it back again with a little bit of foreshadowing for a confrontation a few chapters down. I for my part am glad it’s back, a hint of the chaos in the outskirts of the city. It’s also interesting that our original vision was a world where freeways were no longer needed and were abandoned so these violent gangs drove around looking for stragglers-kind of like an abandoned city of automobiles. Writing is all about editing, cutting, re-adding, cutting some more, re-adding all over. I sometimes wish everything we thought up could be part of the comic, knowing full well how that might lead to all sorts of distractions. Do you give into creative excess, or be more sparse, more Spartan?


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