Reviewing the Foreign Flavors of Lay’s Chips in China at Hobart


Hobart is one of my absolute favorite literary magazines. While I was in China, I found out there were more than 16 different foreign flavors of Lay’s Potato chips, including cucumber, kiwi, blueberry, cherry tomato, and lime, American Classic, Italian Red Meat, Mexican Tomato Chicken, Texas Grilled BBQ, and French Chicken, Numb & Spicy Hot Pot, and Hot & Sour Fish Soup, Authentic Original, Finger Licking Braised pork, Seafood Barbecue, Spicy Seafood, Tomato, Crispy Roasted Chicken, and Black Pepper Rib Eye Steak. So I was real curious and I went to the market, bought every Lay’s chip I could find, and wrote my review. It was a journey, not just for my palate, but a philosophical one as the review became a parable/allegory for my thoughts on a whole lot of things going through my mind at the time. I am honored and grateful to Aaron Burch and Hobart for publishing my review:

“For most foreigners overseas, the closest they’ll ever come to tasting American cuisine will be our junk food. McDonald’s, KFC, and Lay’s Potato chips are our culinary ambassadors, spreading the gospel of cheap, tasty, shit in neatly cloned packages. I’ve seen them in the most distant and murky corners of the world, strange beacons that have come to represent America and consumerized individuality dissipating into cultural oblivion.”

originaclassic spicygreenpeppercorn texasgrilledbbq wildribflavor


5 thoughts on “Reviewing the Foreign Flavors of Lay’s Chips in China at Hobart

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. This was a fun article! Ever since I set foot in a McDonalds in Hawaii, I’ve loved reading about foreign foods and foreign versions of American foods.

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