A Quote from Excession about a sentient suit


Use of Weapons was arguably one of the best books I’ve read this year and when people started telling me the “Culture” meets its match in Excession, I just dove in even though I normally like to take breaks between books of series I love so that I can relish the experience. I would do anything to read some of my favorite books all over again for the first time and experience them fresh. There are plenty of books I revisit every few years and while I love them, it’s still different from that first viewing. Diving into Excession, Banks, as always, has a literary panache that makes his writing so different. Here’s a paragraph I liked that summarizes the Culture with its mix of humor and insight:

“Unhappily, the processing power required for this sort of technical gee-whizzery meant that according to Culture convention the suit had to be sentient. Genar-Hoefen had insisted on a model with the intelligence fixed at the lower limit of the acceptable intellectual range, but it still meant that the suit literally had a mind of its own. The result was a device which was almost as much a metaphorical pain to live with as it was in a literal sense a pleasure to live within; it looked after you perfectly but it couldn’t help constantly reminding you of the fact. Typical Culture, thought Genar-Hofoen.”


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