Dr. 2 First Issue Releases and is Free on Amazon


Dr. 2 is the graphic novel I’ve been working on with a talented artist, James Chiang, for about six years now. We just released a one-shot/preview/first issue for the full graphic novel which is coming out in the next year or two and is free on Amazon this week. You can click on the link below to get it free on Amazon.

I’ve always loved James Chiang’s artistry and was really excited by the idea of working on the story of Dr. 2 together. As a brief bio: “James Chiang is a professional artist whose career spans across prestigious companies such as LucasArts, Walt Disney Feature Animation, Blue Sky Studios and Sony Pictures Imageworks. He most recently served as both Animation and Creative Director of One Animation.”

Dr. 2 is a murder mystery that spans the planet, though a huge chunk of it takes place in Shanghai, and we spent countless nights charting out the convoluted and intricate details, talking art, politics, and life. Doing research for the graphic novel was one of the original reasons why I took a long trip to China (specifically Shanghai) and as some of you may know, that trip ended up changing my life. We also had the honor of getting one of the top graphic novel agents around (I have the honor of saying I have the same agent as Robert Crumb and Gene Yang, yay!). I’m really excited about the full book coming out next year. I can’t begin to express the joy I felt when I first saw some of the characters James and I created come to life as fully drawn and fleshed-out characters =)



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