What in the world is Lost Highway about? A Tieryas Review at Punchnel’s


That was the first question that went through my mind when I watched David Lynch’s Lost Highway for the first time. I kept on thinking about the scenes, the imagery, the narrative leaps. So when I recently watched it with Angela, we had an intense conversation about what the story really was about and I was surprised at the amount of insight she had which helped me to see a lot of things I hadn’t seen the first time around. I was really glad, then, to be able to talk about the movie at Punchnel’s!

“The titular highway connects disparate moments. Actually, it sunders them apart with frenetic headlights unable to maintain their focus. David Bowie chants a haunting, “I’m Deranged,” which could be the theme of the entire film, or a parable for the fractured state of the modern psyche. “Funny how secrets travel,” Bowie sings, like a game of telephone where the carriers have ruptured ear canals and a whisper on one side comes out as a cacophonously deafening burst of undefined noise on the other. There are no secrets, but revelations may be multifaceted, or as in this case, schizophrenic. Fred Madison likes to ‘remember things my own way… not necessarily the way they happened.'”




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