“They are nothing short of miraculous as Peter Tieryas Liu weaves in elements of the postmodern with magic realism to create an ultra contemporary take on the age old question of love, life and meaning.” -Kafka’s Cage Reviews Watering Heaven

Kafka is a haunting literary figure in my life. I loved In the Penal Colony, had mixed feelings about Metamorphosis, was both fascinated and frustrated by the Trial, and intrigued by the Conversation which inspired one of my favorite stories, “A Collection From Existence.” So when a literary magazine called Kakfa’s Cage reviewed Watering Heaven, I was very interested to hear what they had to say. To put it simply, I was floored by their awesome review. Thank you Editor Martyn Coppack!

“Keep your eye on Liu, this is a writer who is going to win prizes. He is brave and uncompromising but also strangely traditional considering the lean towards postmodernism. These are stories which you will find yourself returning to over and over again and each time a new nuance will emerge. Whilst we may not actually find the meaning of life, we feel we are one step closer to understanding it. A fantastic triumph.”




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