The Asian Guard in Soylent Green and other images

I’ve always seen Soylent Green in pieces, never straight from beginning to end. I knew the ending already and I remember the scenes of mass overpopulation. It was great finally watching it and I enjoyed the gritty performance by Charlton Heston. The future is dark and ominous. Crowded cities, riot police, lack of water, food as soylent nutrients. Even without CG, this seemed a much more stirring and bleak future than the ones in films these days that look like variations on the bleakness first established in Blade Runner. I sometimes wonder how different futuristic movies would be now if Blade Runner had never been made. Soylent Green is a great film and I took a couple screenshots as a visual canvas for some of the moments I enjoyed in the first third of the film. As I did, I couldn’t help but notice there was an Asian guard on top of the stair case in Heston’s apartment. I also noticed an Asian woman standing in line, an Asian woman as “furniture,” and an Asian man in the Soylent Green line. This is a film that shows that there is equality in the races, but not the kind we’d like to idealize. Instead, equalized misery.

sg01 sg02 sg03 sg04 sg05 sg06 sg07 sg08 sg09 sg10 sg11 sg12 sg13 sg14 sg15 sg16 sg17 sg18


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