Sunday fuzzy dolls

Happy Sunday everyone! Well, Sunday is both happy in that it’s another day of rest, but it also marks the end of the weekend. I often vacillate between trying to get some extra work done and trying to get some more rest for the week ahead. This weekend, I got a lot of the writing tasks I had to finish done yesterday, so I can spend Sunday resting, catching up on books, and running errands. As usual, it’s editing, chipping away. In this case, it’s an older project that’s gained traction again and I can’t wait to start sharing as it’s visual tour-de-force, thanks to my partner in the project, a phenomenal artist. I can’t believe we’re finally getting a chance to show it in public. But I’ll write more on that in the very near future.

I always like snapping photos of interesting toys and found these cute fuzzy dolls a pretty cool sight, especially as they were each under two bucks a pop. Hope everyone has a productive (or restful) day.



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