What’s game development like in Bangalore India? Tieryas Interviews Andy Deemer at TAY Kotaku


I love Indie games and when I found out an old friend, Andy Deemer, was making his own adventure game in Bangalore, India called The Stormglass Protocol, I had to ply him with questions for my favorite gaming community, TAY. I met Andy in Beijing where he was running what he describes in the interview as “a propaganda magazine for China’s oldest publishing house.” He was part of the early staff for GameSpot, kickstarted a new religion, has a website dedicated to obscure stuff from Asia, was a producer on a Lloyd Kaufmann film (the same Kaufmann who is director of cult classics like the Toxic Avenger), and writes for the Huffington Post. One sample question below and the full link at the bottom!

Tieryas: You’ve spent a lot of time in Asia and you’ve also documented a lot of the weird sights in Asia on your site, AsiaObscura. How does that influence your creative approach to, well, everything?

AD: Ahhhh, AsiaObscura.com. It’s funny — the site started out as an unnamed journal. I was traveling a lot in Asia, visiting abandoned amusement parks, obscure medical museums, cultural revolution reenactment dinners, and felt that I really needed to post the pictures somewhere other than Facebook. So I started posting to wordpress, just for fun, and then more and more people started linking in. All of a sudden my videos were on the (hack) Daily Mail site, BoingBoing and io9 were linking in, Cambodian and Chinese newspapers started picking up my stories.


So AsiaObscura — and Asia — didn’t influence much at all. The site is just a reflection of my fascination with the eccentric, unfamiliar, and completely foreign. When I was living in Kentucky or North Carolina, had I been blogging at the time, it would be about my trips to rundown mystery houses and spelunking landmarks, or adventures in cooking whole pigs. As it is, it’s more about my adventures going to rural Chinese taxidermy schools or training to be a Laotian mahout and tour guide.



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