Heavy Rain Retrospective at TAY Kotaku


For a second, I forgot I was playing a game. So much so that the day after I finished Heavy Rain for the PS3, I watched one of my favorite crime films, Seven, and involuntarily tried to control Brad Pitt’s responses and movements. I couldn’t. I’d never felt so bereft watching a movie, the TV screen dividing us in a permanent chasm.


Heavy Rain changed my whole perspective on gaming. For those who aren’t familiar with the game, it could best be described as a noir thriller action-adventure game where players controlled almost every aspect from the mundane chores of shaving and preparing lunch for your kid, to death-defying trials like driving opposite traffic and warding off a mad doctor who wants to dissect you for kicks.

It was a mesmerizing experience from beginning to end. But somewhere between the gorgeous 3D models and the taut grip of my wrist on the controller, I realized this wasn’t just the future of games I was seeing, nor even film. This was the future of entertainment and story-telling where the line was so blurred, there was no division. The next-generation of gaming wasn’t just about prettier graphics, but taking the experience to a whole new level.

It’s not to say Heavy Rain wasn’t without flaws. But I’ll delve into that more after talking about some of my highlights from this generation and how they reflect on Heavy Rain.


Read my full thoughts at TAY Kotaku!




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