Tieryas Interviews M.E. Parker of Camera Obscura at HTMLGiant


If you have a love for photography and fiction, you should be reading the Camera Obscura Journal of Literature and Photography. There are pretty literary magazines, and then there’s Camera Obscura which takes pretty to the next level. It has to have been one of the best-looking lit magazines I’ve ever seen with full color photography and some of the most compelling images/stories around. I love walking into a Barnes and Noble and seeing the journal on the magazine racks. I’ve gotten to know the editor, M.E. Parker, over the years, and was really excited to actually talk shop with him about the magazine at HTMLGiant. I’m always curious to know more about the submissions process, what the staff thinks, and how the magazine came together.

As a brief introduction to the magazine from the interview: “Seriously, the covers kick ass and the stories rip you open from inside and your guts are hanging out and you smile, “Cheese,”  for the camera because you want to capture that brief moment where inspiration bisects into awe and mesmerized nausea from having been split open. A brief description on their site states they are: “an independent literary journal and internet haunt featuring contemporary literary fiction & photography. Contributors include established, as well as, emerging writers and photographers.”

And as a bio of M.E. Parker: M.E. Parker is a writer, an editor, web designer, and a carpenter who imagines a world of wooden computers with leather bound keyboards. His short fiction has come up for air in numerous print publications and Internet haunts. He is the founding Editor of Camera Obscura Journal of Literature & Photography.  www.meparker.com

Make sure to check out the interview at the link below! (and thanks of course to my editor, Janice Lee!)




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