Animal statues at Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul

It was so interesting visiting Seoul after not being there since I was a kid, but not as stark a difference as I would have thought. That is perhaps partly influenced by the fact that I spent a few years in Koreatown in LA, surrounded by Koreans and Korean stores, ha ha. In fact, I was surprised to see similar stores, markets, and coffee shops. Even the food we ate tasted almost identical and in some ways, I even preferred the American versions of Korean foods. I say this to contrast it with the shock I received when I first entered China, which was vastly different from the Chinatown’s I’d visited in America (LA, SF, and NY). Still, it was obviously different and I tried to see if I could recollect any memories from my past. It felt foreign, and yet not completely foreign. The Han River and all the bridges were beautiful and I also really liked these animal statues I saw at Gyeongbokgung. My favorite was the eagle statue below. (as a side note, I wondered if the sculptors who built these statues thought about progeny or they were just doing their job, wishing they could be doing something else, ha ha.)

rockstatue01 rockstatue02 rockstatue03


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