Tieryas Reviews Damnation by Janice Lee at The LitPub


I did a visual preview for Damnation by Janice Lee a few months back and my actual review of the book went up at the LitPub. It is an incredible read that I highly recommend. I read it the first time without watching Bela Tarr’s movie, Damnation, which the book uses as an inspiration and starting point. I re-read the book after watching the movie and got so much more. I had a lot to say- too much, in fact, as I ended up cutting a couple hundred words to keep the length down, ha ha. The full review is at the LitPub (thanks Joe Owens!) and make sure to check out Janice Lee’s book which officially release on October 26th. Very cool!

Hell isn’t just other people. Janice Lee’s gift is lyricizing the intersection between the cerebral and emotional, and in Damnation, the fourth book by her I’ve read, the canvas of her metaphysical exploration shifts in bursts. Told from multiple perspectives, ekphrasis becomes distant confessional inspired by the broody films of Bela Tarr.




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