Playing around with Game Maker and “Catch the Clown”

I’ve worked in game development for around 5 years. Since then, I’ve been worked in films, though I’ve never lost my passion for games. I tried to maintain my connection with gaming by writing articles for various sites, but I finally thought it was time to get back into gaming on a more direct basis. I’ve played around with different types of engines and am finding Game Maker to be a pretty powerful tool. One of the most interesting games I covered last year, Hotline Miami, was made via Game Maker, as was Angry Birds. Here’s an early tutorial I finished using the engine called “Catch the Clown.” I’ve also done a few others, which has led me to building the initial architecture for a game I’m making for my forthcoming novel, “Bald New World.” It’s been a blast, even if a lot of work setting up all the programming and modifying (and creating) sprites. I’ll be slowly documenting my progress here over the next few months and if you’re making a game too, let me know as I’d love to hear your stories.


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