Tieryas Interviews Angela Leroux-Lindsey of the Adirondack Review at HTMLGiant

I’m starting a series of interviews with editors of some of my favorite magazines at HTMLGiant and I was thrilled-yes thrilled-to get to interview Angela Leroux-Lindsey about the Adirondack Review. We actually had a Skype conversation which was a whole lot of fun. I’ve known Angela for a few years, though we’d always communicated via email so it was great just to see her and talk to her face-to-face. Part of the motivation for me is that I love lit magazines so much but know so little about how they work behind the scenes. So I took this opportunity to ask her a bunch of questions. It’s a great interview and I’m really appreciate to her for taking the time to speak with me. (and as always, thanks to my editor at HTMLGiant, Janice Lee, for approving the idea, he he)

About The Adirondack Review: “The Adirondack Review is an independent online quarterly magazine of literature and the arts dedicated to publishing poetry, fiction, artwork, and photography, as well as interviews, articles, book reviews, and translations. Recently named a ‘great online literary magazine’ by Esquire and a ‘top online journal’ by The Huffington Post, TAR was established in the spring of 2000, with its first issue appearing that summer.”

Angela Leroux-Lindsey is editor of The Adirondack Review and senior editor with Black Lawrence Press. She writes for Kirkus Reviews and A&U Magazine, and has contributed essays and stories to phys.org, Animal Farm, Innovation Magazine, NY Metro, Brookhaven National Laboratory, and others. She lives in Brooklyn.


An image by Beatrice Coron for the AR



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