Tieryas Visual Preview of Silent Hill Revelations (It’s not that bad!)

This is a follow up to my pointless defence of Silent Hill Revelations 3D at GameDynamo, which I argued was: “much better than the 6% it received on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s a solid effort that effectively pays tribute to the Silent Hill games while weaving its own lore.” I picked up the DVD, wondering if a new viewing would bring me to my senses and agree with all the critics. Surprisingly, I still enjoyed it and still think it deserved way more than 6% (I still don’t get it!). This is a visual preview comprised of screenshots from some of the more interesting images during the first thirty minutes of the film. I still think for fans of Silent Hill, this is definitely worth watching. I’ve included stills from the two creepiest scenes in the movie (which are disturbing even in still so you are warned) which include fastfood with human parts and a random old man laughing in the bus. If I feel so inclined, I might add to my initial rant, ha ha.

shr01 shr02 shr03 shr04 shr05 shr06This is not an unconscious projection of me being bullied in my classroom for having been born from a witch.

shr07 shr08 Would you like French Fries with that sir?shr09No thank you. shr10 shr11 shr12 shr13 shr14 shr15Are you related to the Neimoidians? shr16 shr17 shr18Can I please have your number? shr19Leave me alone dude. shr20Hi!shr21 shr22 shr23Hey, aren’t you Jon Snow from Game of Thrones?


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