Weird food day #2: How do dumplings full of ants sound? (Xian, China)

Continuing my photos of weird food items on a menu I found in a restaurant in Xian, China are boiled ant dumplings by pumpkin. Now, I love dumplings and there are hundreds of varieties in China. I could go on and on about how much I wish America had more varieties in the Chinese restaurants. But as for the weirdest type I’ve ever seen, these ant dumplings take the crown. I mean, can you imagine, rather than meat and vegetables, the dumpling is wrapped in ants. Oddly, these insect food items remind me of a story I wrote last year called “Defibrillation” that was published in the Medulla Review. Michael Alexander Chaney did this very generous writeup of the story along with many other brilliant works of surreal flash fiction at the link below which I recommend, less for what it says about my own story, and more the chance to discover other brilliant works (thank you again Michael!). I don’t think I will ever try ant dumplings. But if you are venturesome enough to try, please ping me, ha ha.



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