One of the first text/art collaborations between Angela and myself, it was inspired by the imagery of the shadows of children at play.

” I live in the projection of abandoned carnivals, painting jollity against a pane of rusticated sorrow.”


Art by Angela Xu & Text by Peter Tieryas Liu



I once visited an abattoir. In the corner, next to slabs of sliced cows and dead pigs, were a stack of discarded dictionaries and unused heel racks. The smell offended me, a magma of dubious tastes whispering suggestions of the possibility of three impossibilities- a stopwatch that registers wasted seconds, mail distributed in volatile bursts bound by nose hair, a machete that can rip through an imagined childhood and dissipate delusional longing. All memories are eventually orphaned, just like fads and irresolute love. I have to take an evolutionist’s approach to childhood, a business mentality based on zoo park ethics and the French bazaar serving veal, oysters, and a macerated skunk. Reminiscing is more often than not an inheritance based on displeasing odors, an intolerance cherishing the scorching breath of the tenacity of a snail trying to respire…

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