I rarely get emotional from a book review, but this Verbicide Review of Watering Heaven moved me


The reviews and support from the literary community for Watering Heaven have been simply amazing and humbling. The fact that people would take the time to not only read but also review my collection is something that I am very very grateful for. If you’ve been following this blog, you know this is my collection accumulated from 2 years of writing and publishing while wandering throughout Asia. It was a very important time for me, not just as a writer and thinker, but as a person. So when incredible author, Gabino Iglesias, wrote this amazing review of the book at Verbicide, I was really moved:

Ultimately, what makes Watering Heaven an outstanding debut and a truly memorable collection is its combination of deep philosophical explorations, raw humanity, unabashed weirdness, and stylish-yet-unflinching prose. This is smart, beautiful writing, and that combination is not easy to find. From levitating men, fake alien abductions, and profound political statements made by refusing to kill rats to a desire for anonymity, the quiet hell of cubicle jockeys, and trying to understand what life’s all about, these stories are as strange and magical when dealing with the fantastic as when delving into human thoughts and motivations.

Thanks Gabino and Verbicide! If you are interested, Watering Heaven ebook has a special sale at $2.99 on amazon right now.


And the full review



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