Tieryas Reviews Floating A Full Boat by Anne Hicks


I really don’t read enough poetry. Picking up and re-reading Floating a Full Boat by Anne Hicks reminds me that I should! The book is full of evocative imagery and meaningful speculation on a variety of topics, accompanied by very cool photos. They run through the spectrum of emotion, dealing with relationships in the way only poetry can. One of my favorite poems is “Echoes”:

in passion and pain     through pain and passion / we seek condolence / and clemency


I also loved this section in “A Storyteller without a Voice”:

I gave him bitter bullets to chew / forgetting his tender mouth / shocked when he ate them and smiled

The “bitter bullets” are an analogy for the pains we put our “others” through in our relationships, and the shock she experiences is the shock of acceptance. Connecting with the above section, we see the wonder at reconciliation and “condolence.” There is a journey here, but it’s not so much about geography as it is our lives and the way we connect with those around us.

In “Melodies and Maladies,” we see darker undertones that force introspection. “Yesterday, I found the shotgun my father used- the gun my brother has kept for nineteen years-and I understood why. I see inside myself the same fear of life without purpose…”


There’s a great variety of poems and to offset some of the darker writings, there’s humorous ones as in, “Shoes, No Shirt, Required,” which was hilarious, especially the line/query: “Condom with your cocktail?”

Not sure how exactly to answer that. But I wouldn’t mind having a cocktail as I read Floating a Full Boat. I really enjoyed it.



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