Short Story Reader Reviews an old short story of mine, “Beijing Feast”

I was pleasantly surprised when a friend emailed me this link to a review of an older story of mine. It’s called “Beijing Feast” and was published at the Fox Chase Review. The idea for it came after I had multiple “feasts” that left me feeling like my stomach was going to explode, ha ha. There was so much incredible food there and that in turn inspired this tale about Pang Nan, the doomed film maker who is going to eat himself to death. The Short Story Reader has some great reviews of shorter works which I very much enjoyed as well so was happy to have the story reviewed (even if it is an older one, ha ha). Click the link below for the review and the one below it for the actual story.

“Welcome my friends,” he said in Mandarin as he reached the head of the table. “I’ll make this short. My doctors told me I have a bad heart condition that basically boils down to this; cut back on my eating habits or, I die… So I choose death.”



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