An Elisa Lam movie directed by Nick Cheung?

Someone is thinking of making an Elisa Lam movie. Recently, Logan Bently left a link pointing to director Nick Cheung from mainland China adapting Elisa Lam’s murder into a movie. Apparently, the director already added part of it into his debut film: “Nick Cheung was also interested in making an adaptation of Elisa’s story in his debut directed film Hungry Ghost Ritual (盂蘭神功). He invited Cathryn Lee to portray Elisa Lam and reenact the strange happenings in the elevator.”

Here’s the Chinese Facebook page for HGR

According to the link, Nick Cheung was haunted by the Elisa Lam video: “At the time when I was talking to the scriptwriter about the story, Elisa Lam’s mysterious death happened around that time as well. I watched the strange elevator clips and my first reaction was its terrifying. I felt like a ghost took over my body. Coincidentally, in the film my character has a scene where a ghost went into my younger sister’s body, so I immediately added Elisa’s case into it… Until this day, nobody knows what the truth was. It really is worth to investigate, but just thinking about it scares me.”

I’m still not entirely sure if the link is saying the debut was in part an adaptation of the case, or that the director will make a whole new film based solely on the case. If so, will it be an attempt at retelling the Elisa Lam story? Will it add a horror element? Or will it take creative license as with the Castle episode influenced by Elisa Lam? Is it too soon? Would making it a horror movie make it exploitative? Will they investigate more about the case (which was ruled accidental)? I guess we’ll have to wait to find out but I’ll blog anything I find out.



5 thoughts on “An Elisa Lam movie directed by Nick Cheung?

  1. I remember seeing a pretty extensive discussion of this on Obviously controversial and tough to get definitive answers though.

  2. i cant believe these retards are going to take this girls tragic, and mostly mysterious story and just dismiss it with some trashy HK ghost story.

  3. Hi
    I’ve spent the evening researching the mystery of Elisa Lam. Just started reading unsolved strange things, run into the elevator video, and been stuck on this mystery for hours. As I read article after article and others comments, I came across your comments a few times. It seems this story got your attention early on. I was wondering, have there ever been any further developments? Thought if there were you may know.

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