“A Violently Hypnotic Story Covered in a Lipstick of Decay”- Tieryas Reviews To Die Upon a Kiss by Craig Wallwork

I reviewed To Die Upon a Kiss by Craig Wallwork over at The Lit Pub.This book is not for the squeamish and gets descriptively bloody in the deaths. Thanks to Editor Joseph Michael Owens for publishing!

Similar to Othello, from which the title gets its name, misunderstandings abound and spiral into a canvas of bloody murder. Like Shakespeare’s play, the characters may not necessarily be likable, but they are scarily authentic, even while astray, social vagabonds wading in anger at their wasted lives. Truman’s bitterness permeates the pages, but so does a longing for affirmation, for purpose in the meaninglessness. It’s a fine balance that Wallwork deftly juggles and though Truman tries to find an anchor in Prudence, she is just as adrift, a hurricane swarming in another stratosphere.




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