Tieryas Reviews Goodnight Nobody by Ethel Rohan at HTMLGiant

I’ve been hearing about Ethel Rohan’s writing for a long time so was very interested in review her new forthcoming collection, Goodnight Nobody, from Queen’s Ferry Press for HTMLGiant. It was an incredible collection that I highly recommend. To take from the review:

“All of Rohan’s characters search for things they can’t have and the prose is elegantly wrought, neither excessively sentimental nor overtly flashy. Instead, there is a lush rhythm in the sentences that renders observations in natural beats. Judgment is suppressed in favor of an understanding of the complexities of friendship and family, however quaint or unusual. Irish settings for many of the stories act as a unique brogue against the landscape of the collection. Everyone is drifting, flotsam from the shipwreck of modern conjunctions. The shorter length of many of the stories make them seem like splices from a bigger sampling, a gauge on the tempo of a bigger macrocosm.”





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