SIGGRAPH 2013 at Kotaku Blog


Will we see the Star Trek Holodeck during our lives? There was some amazing tech on display for gaming and film, especially the Oculus Rift which I was very impressed by. What they had on display was lo-res and not even the final product, but it already felt incredibly immersive. Technology continues its march and it really got me thinking that the Holodeck might not be that far away, especially with some of the tech being developed in conjunction with the Oculus Rift (like a treadmill). 3D printers and the motion capture was pretty amazing (check out all the pictures I have on my post). Plus, some really good demos/movies/lectures. At the same time, I saw multiple colleagues who recounted stories of people who’d been laid off and were having a hard time finding work. My heart really reached out to them.

You can check out my post by clicking on any of the pictures.



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