“Many writers who have played Nintendo as a kid are trying to recreate the madness and joy of Mario and Link in prose mushrooms and heart containers-” my interview with author Tim Moore

Tim Moore writes great stories and he has a great blog that, in his own words, represents the “thin line between irreverence and irrelevancy.” I was really thrilled that he enjoyed my collection, Watering Heaven, and wanted to interview me as I loved his questions. At the same time, I wanted to be creative and write some fun answers. In this interview, you’ll read me talking about crabs being my primary literary inspiration, my desire to figure out who the spam mailers of the world are, as well as the time someone at the DMV asked if I spoke English, ha ha. Part of the interview below. Thanks again Tim!

Who are some of your influences? What’s most important to you in a story?

I once went to a beach in Thailand and there were hundreds of tiny crabs that ran around the ocean. Their footprints looked like fractals in the sand and together, they seemed to form the layout of a language and a universe. Those crabs are my influence. I hope to suck you, the reader, into my universe. But if not, get your feet wet, covered in sand, so that your toes are icky.





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