Tieryas Reviews “Transmogrify” by Richard Thomas


Richard Thomas’s “Transmogrify” is an intense glimpse and preview into his collection Staring into the Abyss. The tale follows Cindy Bathory and in a twist that strays from the horror of Countess Elizabeth Bathory (who rejuvenated herself through the blood of innocents), this Bathory thrives on misery. Whether in Facebook or a random encounter at the market counter, she sucks on negativity like popsicles. “The evolution didn’t happen all at once. It took time. Years. Lifetimes.”


In those lifetimes, she emerges a predator in “the places where emotions are raw and on the surface, that’s where I linger.” The prose throbs and pulsates and beats against you like a grippse. Horror douses you in spurts and the transmogrification goes beyond the physical, shedding emotions like cocoons. Genres are transcended, then connected. I was inside Cindy’s head, then thrown “outside my window in the suicide of winter” where “there is a void of life.”


I don’t want to give away too much as it’s a short story and it’s free on Amazon so you owe it to yourself to check it out. However, I will say this: “Transmogrify”  has me hungry for the entire collection.

One of my favorite lines:

“I’m tired of writing pablum for the broken hearted wrist slashing nation.”



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