“I can’t remember the last time a short story made my jaw drop so abruptly that I skinned it”- Matt Wencl reviews Watering Heaven

As much as I love receiving reviews from magazines and literary reviews, some of my absolute favorite reviews are from readers. That’s a huge part of the reason I write. Matt Wencl wrote this incredible review of Watering Heaven that nearly made my jaw drop! ha ha. You can read the full review on the link below. Thank you again Matt!

What I appreciate about these stories is that they all seem to belong together, and most importantly, they come across as sincere. You feel the truth behind the words, whether they convey the pain of love or the sorrow over its brevity, and the magical realisms feel more real than magical. There’s plenty of wonder to be felt, but these stories resonate because every reader can relate with the ambiguities of relationships, and the sputterings and burnouts that ensue between people whether or not chance meetings ever develop to that level.




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