“If you like authors like Borges or Murakami that make the unreal seem plausible and even real, you must read this book.” A Bookish Affair reviews Watering Heaven

I love the reviews at A Bookish Affair and I follow her book reviews pretty regularly. Her tag line is: “Sometimes reading a good book can be like a great love affair,” which is a perfect description of her site. So I was very honored she reviewed Watering Heaven and wrote a fantastic review. One note about magical realism and others like Murakami- I actually should read a lot more Murakami and I’ve intentionally avoided him in the past because of the comparisons (of course, I’m beyond flattered at the comparison). At the same time, I don’t want to be influenced by the greats, you know? When I write, I never think about a story as magical realism, or any genre for that matter. I more focus on the story and the themes I want to tell and let what evolves evolve naturally. That’s why I’m so glad she pointed out how real it seems as that’s what I hoped for. Make sure to check out her site as well as the review linked below!




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