Tieryas Reviews The Great Gatsby Game, Movie, and Book at HTMLGiant

I wondered to myself, is there anything new I can say about the Great Gatsby that hasn’t been said thousands of times over? It is considered the penultimate American classic after all with critics either showering it with praise or tearing it apart. After watching the movie, reading the book, and playing the game that’s a throwback to retro NES classics, I tried to find a different skew in reviewing the book in 25 points at HTMLGiant. Part of it talks about Fitzgerald’s background in marketing, another, about the influences his life had on gaming. I also write about the financial failure of the book which is heartbreaking to read about as Fitzgerald died not realizing it would become so famous. Thanks to Editor Brooks Sterritt!


THE-GREAT-GATSBY-Daisy-Gatsby-home-posterzelda gatsbygamegreatbook


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