Tieryas Reviews Escape From Monkey Island from LucasArts Featured at Kotaku Blog

I worked on Escape From Monkey Island and it was one of the most important games in my budding career at the time. More than a decade later, I wanted to take a look back and see how the game still played. I was in for a pleasant surprise. I was also very thrilled that it was featured on Kotaku’s blog!

“The trouble with sequels is finding the balance between maintaining the feel and spirit of the original while innovating enough to differentiate the experience for gamers. How many series can say the fourth iteration feels just as fresh as the original? With Escape from Monkey Island, LucasArts changed the engine, switched to 3D graphics, and updated the interface so that it was no longer a point-and-click adventure like the first three. The result was a game that branched out with its own identity, but also successfully maintained its roots.”




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