Mega Man 2 | Air Man & Bubble Man | Favorite Game Level

For many gamers, their first glimpse of the cinematic potentials for gaming was in Mega Man 2. Mega Man 2 represented a huge leap in terms of game mechanics that would define the franchise. Not only was the opening cinematic incredible, but there were now eight bosses and eight incredibly creative levels to accompany them (as well as some of the best Dr. Wily levels in the series). What’s all the more amazing is that the development team had to work on this on their own time (meaning for free) because the first Mega Man didn’t recoup the financial costs of its creation. Talk about a good use for your free time! Normally, I only cover one level per game, but Mega Man 2 had so many, I covered two and I’ll probably cover two more later!


airman bubblemanairmanweapon


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