“The craft is absolutely untouchable-” Author Marcus Slease writes an amazing review of Watering Heaven

Marcus Slease is the author of some pretty awesome books that mix the literary arts with mythical elements. His book, the House of Zabka is a must read you can check out at the following link. I was incredibly honored when he wrote this fantastic review of Watering Heaven:

The craft is absolutely untouchable. Love the ease. Good writing that makes writing look easy. The kind of writing that is rare. The stories are so memorable. Sassy and heartbreaking. Witty and piercing observations. The dialogue could be cut from all these stories and made into damn good plays. The dialogue is superb.

Now and again some of the stories reminded me of the clarity of a George Saunders’ story. Every word perfect. Surrealism in the service of emotional realism. Or maybe a bit of Raymond Carver. Sparse and economical prose. He’s got his finger on the pulse. It is not George Saunders or Raymond Carver though. Or anyone else I have read. But think there is that kind of talent at work here. Talent is a weird word. I hardly ever use it. Reminds me of a talent show. But talent exists.

Thanks Marcus!




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