Jesus Christ and the transformation of Mercury- an incredible opening from Kerotakis by Janice Lee

I love Janice Lee’s writing and when I received a copy of Kerotakis, I immediately dug in. It’s experimental fiction that involves a dialogue between four unique characters including a cyborg from the future and a brain traveling through time. I loved the opening and just wanted to share this quote:

The Latin term for torture is crucifixion. Cruciatus includes anything from flogging to strangulation. The crucifixion of mercury then is any severe treatment that causes it to change form. In the Tractatus parabolicus, there is a detailed comparison between the transformation of mercury and the torments of Jesus. As Jesus was first beat until he bled, then made to wear the crown of thorns, then nailed to a cross, and treated with gall and vinegar- so too much mercury be tortured in four different stages. When mercury reddens during the process of cooking, that redness denotes the body of Christ.



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