My Short Story, “Rodenticide,” Published at the Menacing Hedge

My short story, “Rodenticide,” was published at the Menacing Hedge. It’s a fantastic new issue and there’s some incredibly talented people including Etgar Keret who won the Camera d’Or for best first feature at Cannes in 2007 and whose work has been published in places like Harper’s Magazine, the New York Times, the Paris Review, and Zoetrope. His story, “A Foreign Language,” is definitely worth reading, as are all of the poems and stories included in the issue. “Rodenticide” is about a film director named Larry Chao who decides he is going to save all the rats in a city from extermination. It was originally published in my collection, Watering Heaven, from which it was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. This is the first time the story has been published outside of the collection (Thank you Editor Craig Wallwork!) and hope you enjoy it. Below is a little “About” the Menacing Hedge.

This edition marks the second anniversary of Menacing Hedge, which began in the summer of 2011. It was conceived because of the lack of what I can only call “surrealist poetry,” poetry that uses words to describe what is visually expressed in the surrealism art movement. I crave poetry without ego, but with empathy, compassion and the ability to take the reader to unknown realms. Poetry that takes you someplace, or to someone or to something your never knew before. This type of writing is more common in fiction but is more rare in poetry. Along the way we scooped up the amazing Craig Wallwork, by the scruff of his neck, as our fiction editor. He submitted a short story called “Human Tenderloin” and we fell in love with him and his writing. Wallwork has brought in talented short fiction writers and Menacing Hedge would not be what it is without him and his tireless editing. Our technical editor, Gio Guillemette. designed the site and built it from the ground up. He has spent numerous hours building each journal version and editing the audio as well as building free e-books and all things technological. This journal is registered with the Library of Congress and every issue is archived. Menacing Hedge has been graced with many amazing writers and visual artists over the past two years. This current edition serves up even more.

And Rodenticide:



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