The difference between “complete” and “finish” when it comes to book revisions

Angela sent me this funny quote:

No English dictionary has been able to explain the difference between the two words “COMPLETE” and “FINISH”. Some people say there is no difference, but there is. When you marry the right woman you are COMPLETED. When you marry the wrong woman, then you are FINISHED. When your wife catches you with another woman, you are COMPLETELY FINISHED!

I’ll be spending most of this 4th of July weekend finishing up revisions for the two novels I owe two separate publishers. That’s very different from the initial feeling I had when I completed the novels. Often, I feel once I complete the first pass of the novel, the real work has just begun. And if it’s similar to the case of Watering Heaven, we were making edits until the very last minute. Each layer of revision though makes things all so much better. I’m focusing on making things tighter, making the interactions more interesting, making sure all the loose threads get connected. You know what moment I can’t wait for? When I’m COMPLETELY FINISHED, ha ha.Happy 4th of July everyone =)



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