“The sun’s a mattress fire her God died in-” Hannibal to Starling in Silence of the Lambs

Hannibal and Starling had some of the best dialogue in The Silence of the Lambs book and this was one of my favorite interactions coming from the last time they meet in the book. Lecter knows Starling fooled him and Starling is begging for Catherine’s life.

“Pity you tried to fool me, isn’t it?” Dr Lecter’s face sank behind his arms until only his eyes were visible. “Pity Catherine Martin won’t ever see the sun again. The sun’s a mattress fire her God died in, Clarice.”

“Pity you have to pander now and lick a few tears when you can,” Starling said. “It’s a pity we didn’t get to finish what we were talking about. Your idea of the imago, the structure of it, had a kind of… elegance that’s hard to get away from. Now it’s like a ruin, half an arch standing there.”

“Half an arch won’t stand…”


If you’re looking for some reading this 4th of July and haven’t read Silence of the Lambs, I highly recommend it.


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