Robert Kirkman, Zombies, and Comic Con

With Comic Con almost upon us, I wanted to post some pictures from a previous Comic Con I attended. Zombies have been everywhere it seems. Robert Kirkman and Walking Dead had an incredible season 3 with the Governor. The Last of Us has been the perfect culmination of every apocalyptic work out there. And things just keep on rolling. This is from an old article about zombies and Siren I wrote for GameDynamo:

“In my Lollipop Chainsaw preview, I talked about the ‘zombification’ of society that would prefer to make mindless automatons of people, told what to like, aspire to, given a set of beliefs and codes to follow. It’s easy to laugh at cults because they are such an extreme example of brainwashing. And yet, one can’t help but wonder at the disturbing parallels between zombiehood and the shirking of personal responsibility that is at the core of blind faith. The best in horror makes us question human nature (or at least peak at the darker aspects we don’t normally like to face), and in the case of Siren, the horror isn’t the zombies, but the fact that you can’t do anything to permanently fend off the evil, at best, only escaping it.”

While I won’t be attending this year’s Comic Con, I hope to eventually go back. Part of the joy of attending the conference is seeing all the crazy cool costumes! (all photos by Angela Xu)



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