Literary Magazine Monkeybicycle Interviews Me (photos from Macau)

Monkeybicycle is one of the awesome, quirkiest literary magazines around. I really love their content, both online and in print. They are also an imprint of Dzanc books, one of the best presses around. So I was very thrilled when Eddy Rathke invited me to take part in their 52 weeks/52 writers interview series. I got to talk about how Watering Heaven came about, discussing playing basketball in the Forbidden City, writing in the cafes of Beijing, and seeing the swarm of prostitutes in an underground shopping mall in Macau that influenced my story, “Resistance.” (the pictures below are from wandering Macau at night)

As a writer, part of what I strive for is to form gravity wells out of my stories to suck readers in. Literally, artificial black holes. Anything less would be a failure. Well, if it has slightly less impact than a black hole, I would be OK, ha ha.



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