Pittsburgh Hotel in The Last of Us reminds me of Silent Hill 2 in a good way

Just posting a small update in my The Last of Us playthrough. We just finished Pittsburgh and are in the sewers with Henry. But in Pittsburgh, there were parts in the hotel, especially after I dropped down the elevator, where it kind of reminded me of the mood and creepiness of Silent Hill 2. Now I know they are completely different games and the look is very different (SH2 is long corridors with a bunch of doors whereas TLOU is much more organic with varying doors), but as I loved Silent Hill 2 so much, this was a welcome reminder and made me reflect on what I used to love so much about the Silent Hill series. That is, exploration, seeing strange sights that preyed on psychological horror, all to claustrophobically disturbing music. Vision is limited in scope by the flashlight. You even need a key(card) and damn, those Infected are scary in the dark pits of that hotel. With these incredibly visceral graphics, especially when they bite you, it had both Angela and I at the edge of our seats.

BTW, does anyone know if the save tones in The Last of Us and Silent Hill 2 sound similar?




2 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Hotel in The Last of Us reminds me of Silent Hill 2 in a good way

  1. I thought the exact same thing. Silent hill exactly! And yes you are right about the save sounds. Somebody at Naughty Dog was channelling SH in my opinion… And that’s an excellent thing!

    • hey Jeff! Thanks for the comment. So glad you feel the same way as I was wondering if it was just me. I loved the channeling, even though it was very different. Am almost near the end and really enjoying it =)

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