Lu Xun Quote on Why He Writes

I was stunned when I was traveling through China and discovered a bunch of amazing Chinese writers I’d never even heard about before but were immensely popular/famous in China. It’s like if I didn’t know who Hemingway or Nabokov was (even if I hadn’t read them, which I have- as a writer, I feel I should know them!) One of them was Lu Xun. I’m going to review many of his individual stories over the upcoming weeks and just wanted to post this quote by him from his introduction to Call to Arms describing why he writes:

“When I was young, I, too, had many dreams. Most of them I later forgot, but I see nothing in this to regret. For although recalling the past may bring happiness, at times it cannot help but bring loneliness, and what is the point of clinging in spirit to lonely bygone days? However, my trouble is that I cannot forget completely, and these stories stem from those things which I have been unable to forget.”


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