The Last of Us Highlights Until Pittsburgh 50%

According to my save file, I’m about 50% through the Last of Us. Here are some of the highlights so far (warning, there are spoilers):

-I’m really enjoying crafting, using shivs on the Clickers, and just the stealth element of it all.

-Bill is a great character, a funny mix of gruffness, paranoia, and yet honor.


-Fighting that Bloater in the high school was crazy. WTF???

-Ellie learns to whistle! She just randomly mentioned it at one point and then later on, she actually starts whistling which was sort of a tender moment (to which Joel responds with annoyance, ha ha).

-Most amazing combat sequence so far is when you fall into one of Bill’s traps and are upside down and have to shoot off a bunch of the infected until Ellie can loosen the fridge. Damn, that was incredible.


-I also loved the part where you have to push the car and fight off the infected.


-I love that Bill reminds Joel several times to close the door behind him. I also found it refreshing that Frank’s final note is dour and really mean-spirited towards Bill.

-Chilling moment; entry into Pittsburgh.

-when Ellie asks how he knew about the people at Pitts., he admits he was on both sides. She asks if he killed any innocents, and the squeaky clean hero is shown out the door. Like Joel says earlier, they’re survivors.

More as I go further.



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